how to change MacOSX screenshot location

  1. 1. Step 1 Create a folder
  2. 2. Step 2 Change default location of screenshots

Taking screenshots with MacOSX is very useful when writting blogs or documents. The system has powerful built-in screenshot function. However, the default location to store the screenshot files is Desktop.

This blog will go through how to change the location of screenshots to another folder.

Step 1 Create a folder

Create a new folder anywhere using finder or terminal. Here I created blog_statics folder in my Google Drive folder.


Step 2 Change default location of screenshots

Click the created folder in last step and press Command+C to copy the full path to clipboard.

Press Command + Space and type terminal to open terminal

In terminal, type following command:

defaults write location <Folder Location>

Note the is the location of your create folder. You could Command+V to paste it from clipboard

It should give following result:


Now all new screenshots should be stored in that place.