Docker multi-hosting network quick note

  1. 1. Setup consul KV store
  2. 2. Daemon Options
  3. 3. Create overlay network
  4. 4. Docker-compose build on Swarm

To create an overlay network on multiple hosts over swarm, following are required:

  • a key-value store service: this is used for broadcasting hosts / swarm agents. It can be same kv store swarm used for discovery
  • Run docker daemon with following parameters:
    • cluster-store: where the store is
    • cluster-advertise: what network interface to be advertised

      Setup consul KV store

      docker run -d \
      -p "8500:8500" \
      -h "consul" \
      --restart=unless-stopped \
      progrium/consul -server -bootstrap

Daemon Options

--engine-opt="cluster-store=consul://$(docker-machine ip mh-keystore):8500"

All swarm-agents should have these options otherwise it will be likely get this error:

Error response from daemon: 500 Internal Server Error: failed to parse pool request for address space "GlobalDefault" pool "" subpool "": cannot find address space GlobalDefault (most likely the backing datastore is not configured)

Create overlay network

If using docker-compose, there is nothing need to do. As docker-compose will automatically create defaul network if:

  • Single host: it will create a bridge
  • Multiple host: it will create a overlay

Once docker-compose file finished, just run docker-compose up -d which will create network correspondingly.

otherwise simply use following command at your swarm:

docker network create --driver overlay --subnet= my-net

Docker-compose build on Swarm

There is limitation for docker-compose build as it cannot find the target node to build the image.
The only way currently is to build on the node and tag it rather than on swarm.

docker build -t <tag name> path/to/dockerfile